We work with companies and individuals
to build on strengths and improve business outcomes.
Specialising in creating high-performing workplace cultures with robust Leadership Development Programs, Lean Six Sigma process improvement systems and the best of Professional Coaching.
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Positive Change That Sticks!

Offering a range of service through our group of companies...

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Business Improvement

Training in Lean & Six Sigma, we help your people find ways to improve your business results while gaining internationally recognised qualifications. Workshops and online Lean & Six Sigma courses, including Yellow, Green and Black Belt Six Sigma.
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Organisational Development & Workplace Coaching

Learn how to transform your people, your business and your results by embedding a Coaching Culture in your workplace. Create an environment that allows your Team to flourish, calling on their natural strengths and driving sustainable organisational success. 

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Leadership Development
Live Programs & E-Learning

Leaders must inspire others through their words and actions every day; calling on their courage and vision to light the way for their Teams. Tap into powerful Leadership Development Programs for individuals and groups and learn to lead effectively, with heart. For new or current Leaders.

Businesses Thrive With Workplace Coaching

The global Coaching industry employs 47,500 Professional Coaches at a value of US$2 billion annually. In a recent survey conducted by the ICF, it was revealed that Organisational Coaching:

  • Contributed significantly to Productivity, Time Management and Team Effectiveness;
  • Helped improve Co-Worker Relationships, Communication Skills and Work/Life Balance; and
  • Generated an 86% Return on Investment for Companies.


Improved Work Performance 70%
Improved Self Confidence 80%
Improved Communication Skills 72%
Overall Satisfaction with Coaching 99%

The knowledge I gained from my sessions with Hayden is that I have the control over what I do and how I react to things; and that to make changes to any part of my life, I must take the actions necessary to change the things I want to change. In my opinion, Hayden makes a tremendous Coach and I would have no trouble in recommending to anyone looking to utilise his services
Kevin Jemetta , General Manager

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Imagine a business where people consistently contributed their best efforts in support of business goals, working collaboratively and flexibly to solve problems in the moment. Where feedback was openly shared in a respectful way and viewed as a valuable source of inspiration for personal improvement. A place where people actually wanted to spend time, because of the growth, the learning and the fun they experienced in a supportive environment focused on excellence

This is the reality in workplaces with high-performing teams. These businesses consistently lead the market, outperforming their competitors on the strengths of their people. They use approaches and methods that can be replicated in your business, to create a high-performance culture, accelerating your results.  

Drawing upon the best of modern HR practice, Positive Psychology, Executive Coaching and Stress Resilience Training, we offer a range of Workshops and Coaching Programs to help your Team shine brighter than ever before, even in times of rapid change.

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Improve Your Business Results

Continuous Improvement Australia is proud to offer your business the opportunity to educate and engage your teams while certifying them in Six Sigma Belts. Certified Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt courses. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt courses. Six Sigma courses are available face to face with online and phone app available as an alternative to classroom training. We also offer face to Face training in Continuous Improvement in your Business, Lean Leadership and one day Introduction to CI courses with a FREE Six Sigma Certified Online Yellow, Green or Black Belt Course to all attendees.

With the help of Continuous Improvement Australia your Business can:

  • Increase Your Profit and Reduce Your Costs;
  • Deliver World Class Customer Value and exceed their expectations;
  • Improve Customer Experiences and promote Return Business more regularly; and
  • Generate massive Cost Reductions for your Company and your Customers.



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Continuous Improvement Australia can send an expert into your Business to both report on the current state as well as train your Leaders & Teams in the mindset of Lean Thinking and the application of Lean Six Sigma Tools. This training will help you create a Lean Culture designed specifically to decrease costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction and Profits.

Drawing upon a range of disciplines including Lean Methodology and Six Sigma, we offer a range of Consultation and Training Programs to help your Business develop a Continuous Improvement Culture to make your product or service the customers first choice.

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Accessible Leadership Development

Accessible On-line Leadership Training

Positive Leadership Australia

The Inspiration Leaders E-Learning program is for individuals who want to take control of their own development and get the Leadership skills they need to step up in their career. Available as a series of six-part micro courses for targeted learning, or a complete 12 month Leadership Development Program. Excellent value delivered to you anywhere, anytime.

Also available as a series of interactive two-day Workshops for Teams, the Inspiration Leaders series helps Managers make the transition to true Leadership and tap into their hidden strengths. Inspire any Team with a customised program delivered by our expert international Facilitators and enjoy a full 12 months of post-program support

We also provide specialist Executive and Stress Resilience Coaching Services with trained, experienced Senior Coaches backed by the science of validated Strengths Profiling. Leaders need support to reach their highest potential and stay at the top of their game! Click here to find out more or contact us on 1300 368 414.

Source: 2009 International Coach Federation Global Coaching Survey

Who are we?

We are passionate coaches of people in business, organisational development nuts, strengths-spotters and all 'round groovy facilitators! We share over 38 years' experience in management roles and know first-hand, the challenges of building great teams. We have trained more than 5,000 valued leaders and staff in many industries to be their best, boosting personal and business results.

We truly love seeing people shine at work, so that their businesses and their lives are better for having spent time with us. We'd be delighted to serve you and your team, anywhere in Australia or around the world - give us a call!