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Professional Coaches know that learning and growth never stops. It's one of the reasons we love Coaching - seeing our Clients achieving more success, satisfaction and happiness in their lives! But who will support you as you build YOUR Coaching business success? And how can you balance your passion for helping clients with the daily realities of running a small business?

Building a successful Coaching business takes time, dedication and work. Get there faster, supported by a senior Professional Coach with over 10 years of experience to share.

Fast-track your success and at the same time, help more clients pursue their goals and achieve their dreams!


Catherine Bell

B.Bus, Dip.Pos.Psych, ACC, CAHRI

Catherine is a Registered Coach Mentor with the International Coach Federation and an experienced Professional Coach with over a decade of running her own full-time practice.

She holds an ACC credential from the ICF, a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and Cert IV in Life and Performance Coaching. She is also pursuing postgraduate studies in Psychology.

For over 8 years she has trained and mentored thousands of Coaches in several Coaching programs around the world in all aspects of Coaching AND business start-up and growth.

A qualified workplace trainer, HR professional, Consultant and Positive Psychology Practitioner, she is a respected Leader in the Australian and International Coaching communities. From 2018-20 she served on the Leadership Team of the ICF Australasia (Southern States), holding the Coaching Excellence portfolio.

Catherine is dedicated to furthering the profession of Coaching by providing outstanding Mentoring services for Coaches wanting to enhance their practice and expertise. She is also a savvy business person and is passionate about helping Coaches not only be great at what they do, but build a successful, profitable and sustainable Coaching business using tried and true business methods.

A Successful Coaching Practice needs TWO things:

1. Outstanding Coaching Skills

Coaching skills MUST continue to develop and deepen beyond your initial training, if you are to be an outstanding coach. Learning to deal with more complex and ambiguous situations, a wider variety of clients and sponsors and different coaching needs will all push you out of your comfort zone. Without ongoing guidance and practice, your skills may not develop holistically, or in the right ways to truly meet the needs of your clients. An outstanding coach can:

- Navigate unfamiliar coaching territory with clarity

- Handle challenging clients with complex needs, confidently

- Employ the use of simple and complex coaching models,  selecting the right model for the right time

- Confidently work in tandem with other professionals in ensuring the best care for the client

- Know when and how to refer clients who require other services.

2. Excellent Business Knowledge

All the coaching skills in the world are not enough to build and sustain a successful coaching business. Professional coaches also need advanced business skills and knowledge to ensure they have a strong, sustainable and profitable coaching practice. Working with an experienced Mentor will enable coaches to not only help great clients, but build a great income for the future! 

A coach in business:

- Does NOT rely solely on 1:1 Coaching for income

- Effectively responds to marketplace demand

- Knows how to find, convert and retain clients

- Understands and leverages their unique value proposition

- Knows how to build passion AND PROFIT into their coaching practice

- Plays a bigger game and leverages their business to make a REAL difference in the world through community programs and philanthropy

In direct Mentoring sessions with Catherine I developed more advanced and acute coaching knowledge, to apply in my role as General Manager for Talent Management, Australia and Asia Pacific in a global manufacturing company.

I continue to admire the knowledge, skill and professionalism of Catherine Bell as a leader in Australia’s coaching industry.

Carolyn Shaw

GM Talent Management, Jeld-Wen

Catherine is immensely valuable not only in what she shares but how she does it. 

Her candour and articulation allows her to address even the most difficult topics in a supportive and resourceful way.

She adds value at all levels with rich research experiences and thoughtful processes.

Dr. Isabeau Korpel, PhD., M.Ed

Director, Cambio Coaching

Catherine Bell is an incredible and positive person with truthful honest and ethical values

Her support is fully oriented in supporting and improving individuals and team performance to make our companies, society and world a better place to be.

Enrico Crosina

Head Coach & Trainer at Be Your Leader

Coach Mentoring

Every Coach who works with Catherine will receive a FREE e-copy of the book, "Our Time to RISE".

Authored by two of the world's most successful business professionals and social justice advocates, Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe (with Forward by Catherine Bell), this book is jam-packed with practical tips to build your business AND make the world a better place. Highly recommended - this book will show you how to accelerate your business, multiply your positive impact and change lives all over the world!


$ 997


For beginner Coaches looking for a boost as they start their Coaching practice

  • 6 sessions of Mentoring
  • Coaching Skills Audit

BONUS: e-copy of "Our Time to RISE" book, packed with business-building tips to make a real difference!


$ 1297


For beginner or more experienced Coaches wanting to accelerate Coaching expertise and build a successful Coaching business

  • 9 sessions of Mentoring
  • Coaching Skills Audit
  • Business Building Road Map
  • Monthly Email support

BONUS:  e-copy of "Our Time to RISE" book, packed with business-building tips to make a real difference!


$ 1997


For Coaches with a minimum of 2 years' Coaching experience wishing to grow their business and expand their Coaching repertoire

  • 12 sessions of Mentoring
  • Advanced Coaching Skills Audit
  • Business Growth Road Map
  • Monthly Email support

BONUS #1 : e-copy of "Our Time to RISE" book, packed with business-building tips to make a real difference!

BONUS #2: 25 Top Coaching Activities to use with Clients

BONUS #3: Professional Bio & LinkedIn Profile session

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