Is it time to develop your EQ?

Gain insight into yourself and others through the science of Emotional Intelligence!

EQ - The Leadership Skill of the Future

Master the People side of Business - and Life!

Know Yourself

Learn about your own Emotions, how to interpret and manage them. Learn effective self-regulation techniques to help you remain calm and effective in any situation.


Increase your ability to effectively read the emotions and responses of other people. Enhance your communication and influence at work, and in life.

level up your eq

Learn how to increase your influence and effectiveness under pressure. Make better decisions, respond better in the moment and stay at your best.

How does EQ Coaching work?

Genos International Emotional Intelligence Leadership

In EQ Coaching, we focus on developing a deep appreciation and understanding of emotions - how to recognise, regulate and utilise them - in ourselves and others. This skillset is recognised as one of the top development needs for Leaders.  Higher EQ can be learned - and helps you become more effective, connect with others better and tap into  your best performance.

Together, we will work on uncovering and developing your natural Emotional Intelligence with a GENOS EI for Leaders Profile. Powered by science and used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, you can rely on the underpinning science to take your Leadership to the next level!

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